Ten Kick Ass Homemade Presents Even You Can Make by Kick Ass Katie

We like to do a homemade Christmas in my family with most of the gifts being- yup, you guessed it- homemade. I’m not sure how this started. Maybe we wanted to save money, or brag about how we are better than you by being more eco-friendly and creative, but never fear my friends – you might be the least crafty person alive, but I guarantee you can do one of these homemade Christmas gifts! Pick your poison and kick some homemade Christmas Ass this year. Bragging rights are endlessly yours!!

10. Some Guy’s Salsa: Or whatever kind of food it is you might be famous for. In these parts, my husband makes his famous salsa and we fill recycled jars that once held tomato sauce or pickles with it and gift it to friends and family.

9. Camera Strap Cover: This one is for your favorite photographer:http://www.everythingetsy.com/2010/06/camera-strap-tutorial-guest-post-priddy-creations-giveaway/. All you need is the most basic of sewing skills and you will be on your way to a kick ass creation.

8. Fake Mustache on a Stick: Know a little boy who likes to play dress up? Have an upcoming costume party? Sad because No Shave November is over and you are wondering how’d you look with a mustache? This little tutorial will save your day:http://www.simplymodernmom.com/2009/09/fake-mustaches-on-a-stick/.

7. Vintage Doily Votives: Take that Yankee Candle present up a notch this year. Head out to your local thrift store for a clear glass jar, snag some doilies at the fabric store, get out that hot glue gun, but don’t burn yourself – it hurts like hell when you do – and make your favorite candle lover a beautiful present:http://www.creaturecomfortsblog.com/home/2009/12/17/diy-vintage-doily-votives-by-christine-chitnis.html.

6. Reusable Produce Bags: Green is the new black, of course, so go green this Christmas! Gift some reusable produce bags and your friends and family will be the envy of the grocery store. Just google “Reusable Produce Bags” and find your favorite tutorial. I used strong netting and made simple drawstring pouches of various sizes with pretty ribbons.

5. Felt Dress Up Dolls: Think paper dolls meet Sunday School flannel board and you’ve got the perfect present for every little girl on your list. There are four on mine, so I considered $6 a worthy investment and purchased this pattern off of etsy:http://www.etsy.com/listing/59714927/matilda-dress-up-doll-pdf-pattern. Grab your scissors, a good movie, and get to cutting! Average cost per niece? Just about $3 or so.

4. Flower Pin: You will want to do a little research on felting, but hit up your local thrift store once again, score yourself some sketchy 100% wool sweaters, throw them in a hot, hot water wash, then in the hot, hot dryer and then cut that sweater up to make this pretty pin! You’ll need a hot glue gun, a pin backing, and some cute beads or buttons, but this is a no sewing required project:http://www.etsy.com/listing/62542166/salefive-flower-cluster-pin-dark-pink. (I like to steal ideas from etsy).

3. Felted Coffee Sleeve: Starbucks makes theirs from recycled materials, but they still get thrown away. Make this for any coffee lover you know and reduce that carbon footprint this winter! Just take that sleeve of the sweater you felted, cut off the cuff, add some cute embellishments if you so desire and voila! Go to etsy.com and do a felted coffee sleeve search for inspiration.

2. Tie Onesie: You can’t go wrong with this adorable tutorial for the baby boys on your Christmas list. You could even put it on a t-shirt for that toddler who is finally out of onesies. No sewing required for this one either, just pull out the iron you hate to use (or is that just me) and you can whip these out in no time: http://www.crapivemade.com/2009/03/appliqued-tie-onesie.html.

1. Cashmere Mittens & Hat: It gets cold here in NY. Luckily cashmere sweaters can usually be found at the Salvation Army and you can take on this simple sewing project to recycle it and gift something super soft and luxurious for mere dollars to that someone special on your Christmas list:http://www.onepearlbutton.com/2008/11/recycled-luxury-sweater-to-long-mittens.html.


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